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Lane Construction Launches New Website

December 1st, 2015 by Kristen Yeager

The Lane Construction Corporation (Lane), one of America's leading heavy civil construction companies has launched its newly redesigned website with the help of SoSimple Interactive.

Featuring everything from a full portfolio of projects to a complete interactive flip book showcasing a timeline of the company’s 125th anniversary, Lane’s redesigned website packs all information into an easy to navigate and visually inviting website.

The revamped website boasts over 40 pages of information including an ever-growing “Portfolio” that features a multiple category filtering system, allowing site visitors to filter the number of elements on the page. This feature makes it incredibly easy to view projects that are relevant to their needs. This portfolio includes robust photo galleries of each project as well as background information and project narratives.

The “Connect” page features a Location Finder, which is broken down into 3 categories: Offices, Plants and International. This page can be viewed as a map with pinpointed locations based off of each category. Each point features a pop-up with name, address and other information when each pin is clicked, and color-coded pins representing each category. The Location Finder can also be viewed as a list, for those who prefer a more straightforward, less interactive research experience.

The new site features a search tool for easy and immediate access for those who know exactly what they need, and offers a site architecture that is consciously organized for those who prefer to explore. The new site now offers an optimal user experience.

In addition to Lane’s website being extremely user friendly, it is also aesthetically pleasing. The deep red of Lane’s logo is prevalent in links and accents throughout the site, mixing with simple white backgrounds, two-column layout for larger text blocks for improved readability, and professional images that compliment each page.

For mobile users, the new website includes responsive, mobile-optimized design allowing the site to automatically reformat to ensure that content is always displayed in an optimal manner across all viewing platforms - desktop, tablet or smart phone. The new website utilizes SoSimple’s Content Management System, allowing the firm to easily manage and scale their website. With complete control, multiple site administrators can now easily manage all aspects of the website.

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