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New Flip Book Product Launched by SoSimple Interactive

May 6th, 2015

Newly Released SoSimple Flip Book enhances brochures and creates an interactive experience.

SoSimple Interactive is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, SoSimple Flip Book. Flip Book is a digital publishing platform that enhances the reach and effectiveness of printed collateral. This tool enables users to convert a static brochure or any print item into an interactive guide. SoSimple Flip Book can be turned on as a page type within SoSimple CMS or be embedded into any existing website when used as stand-alone product.

SoSimple Interactive, headquartered in Wolcott, Conn, is a custom website design and product development firm. SoSimple is best known for their fully responsive website designs and SoSimple CMS, their simple-to-use content management system. The innovation behind Flip Book was first started while the coding team at SoSimple was working on a customer’s website. The customer was using a flash-based product for their interactive brochure, that didn’t work properly on all viewing devices. Not wanting to negatively effect the overall impact of their customer’s website, the team at SoSimple Interactive researched similar tools and found potential issues with each option. Without a viable option, they finally decided to program their own. “We wanted to offer a product that wasn’t limiting in use and features,” says Arik Brooks, Co-Founder of the firm. “The other options were either overly expensive or had drawbacks in functionality. SoSimple Flip Book offers high-end features and is reasonably priced.”

SoSimple Flip Book is a powerful tool. The design of the printed communication is easily loaded into Flip Book and is viewed page by page. “Hot spots” can be added anywhere on a page to embed videos, photos or photo slideshows. They can also be used to add a pop-up description to any area of any page. This could include text, links, file downloads, images, slideshows, videos, and more. Pedigree Ski Shop, just one example of a client using SoSimple Flip Book, has significantly reduced printing and postage costs and extended the effectiveness of their holiday catalog. Items on almost every page have a hotspot that links to the specific page in their website to order the item. Other ads include hotspots which link to the advertiser website or pull up embedded videos.

See It In Action

SoSimple Flip Book includes responsive, mobile-optimized design allowing the product to detect the device in which it is being viewed on, and then reformatting content so that it is an optimal viewing experience for any device whether that be a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. Since it is not Flash-based, the product works on all platforms, including the IOS operating system used in iPhones, iPods and iPads. In addition, Flip Book has built in social and email sharing, full screen mode, the ability to add custom background images, and a "Back to Website" button.

See Samples

To learn more please visit sosimplecms.com


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