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Announcing exciting new features for a more versatile Flip Book.

October 30th, 2015

We’ve recently unrolled some major updates to SoSimple Flip Book. Launched in early May 2015, SoSimple Flip Book is quickly gaining traction in the competitive digital publishing arena – offering a greater degree of control and enhancing the reach and effectiveness of printed collateral and sales presentations in comparison to PowerPoint.

New features include audio insertion with auto play option on any page, flip book cloning and sales presentation mode – which combine to give the product even greater advantages and distinction in the marketplace.


Audio Insertion

Users now have the option to insert audio files to incorporate music or voice overs that can be automatically or manually played on any page of their Flip Book publication.

Cloning Feature

The new time-saving cloning feature allows users to effortlessly copy existing publications or sales presentations in their entirety and edit them to suit related needs – all while maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the original version.

Presentation Mode

Flip Book’s new presentation mode enables the production of cohesively branded, mobile-optimized slideshows with ‘hot spots’ that link to external web applications or embed additional content – from text and images to videos and slideshows.


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