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Event Calendar Subscriptions

October 7th, 2016 by Kristen Yeager

Event calendars are a great tool for keeping communities and employees updated on upcoming events and meetings. The Calendar / Event page type allows you to input your events into a digital calendar visible on the front end of your website.

Event calendars are especially useful for schools and educational organizations. This page type allows you to enter your entire academic calendar, making it easy for parents and staff to know about holidays, conferences, and more. Calendars can also be password protected for employee portals, parent portals, or to protect sensitive materials.

Users now have the option to subscribe to these event calendars, or a specific category within the calendar, allowing them to automatically populate their own default calendar with these events.

Recent updates to this page type allow for easy conversion to external calendars with the addition of minute-specific time drop down menus and the option to make any event an all day event.


Watch the video tutorial to learn more about this feature and see calendar subscriptions in action.


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