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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: Important SEO Improvements Launched

September 29th, 2015

SoSimple has announced some important SEO updates that apply to all SoSimple CMS users. These product updates will help clients better manage their SEO strategies and help them visualize how their content is viewed by major search engines. The following improvements have been launched:


Search Engine Results Preview

This new tool shows site administrators how window title tags, URL naming, and meta descriptions will appear in search results. Most importantly, it illustrates the character limitations for both the title tag and meta description fields. Clients may enter as much content as they’d like in these sections, but the preview tool will abbreviate the number of characters to a length that is generally accepted as best practice by SEO professionals. This new feature will help customers prioritize their most important search terms, increasing the potential of being picked up by search engines.


No Follow Tag and Exclude From Site Search

Due to the fact that many clients use SoSimple CMS to create hidden pages, community portals, landing pages, and other sections of their websites that should not be showing up in search results, we have created the option to add a "No Follow" tag to any page to hide designated content and prevent search engines from indexing such pages. In addition to search engines, site administrators can also restrict pages from their website's internal search function by selecting the "Yes" from the "Exclude From Site Search" option withing the "Settings" tab of any page.


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