Simple Yet Powerful CMS

It's called SoSimple for a reason. Our amazingly easy-to-use content management system has been designed to make updating and scaling your website a breeze. Built from the ground up, it offers robust functionality and comes with the support of the team that created it. Create pages, adjust layouts with a drag and drop editor, manage SEO, add users and so much more.

Easy Website Management

SoSimple CMS allows you to manage virtually every aspect of your website with no coding or technical skills required. We give our clients the tools to easily modify and expand their website without incurring on-going development or maintenance costs. Adjust layouts, clone content, restore previous page versions, and explore a variety of solutions that simplify website management.

Unmatched Scalability

Expand your website at no additional cost by selecting from an arsenal of page types that have been designed to provide the advanced functionality and flexibility you need. Simply select the page type, name the page and you're off to the races. The CMS smartly prompts you for further input based on how you need the page to operate, then automatically assumes your unique design styles. Add blogs, photo and video galleries, calendars, registration forms, social media feeds, interactive maps and much more in just a few clicks.

Shared Content & Feeds

Don't duplicate your efforts. Easily feed shared content into one or more pages throughout your website. Automatically display the latest news and blog posts on your home page, or feature event listings, email signup forms and social media posts without having to manually maintain content in multiple places. This saves you time and helps ensure that your most important messages are not overlooked.

Registrations & Scheduling

Our highly-customizable form builder allows you to easily create and configure online forms for applications, event registrations, trainings and donation requests. Collect and manage online payments, add price increases or discounts, limit the number of registrants and automate personalized email responses. Our scheduler page type displays available dates and time slots for meetings, room reservations, conferences and tours. Appointments can be synced with your calendar of choice - all from one convenient source.

User Management

Users can be easily created and managed via the CMS to ensure security and complete control. Grant access by selecting from one of three levels of permission. Administrators can edit, add, delete and reorder pages - empowered to modify and scale the website utilizing the full range of available CMS functions. Authors can not only access designated pages, but also create subpage content within assigned sections. Editors can modify the content of specific pages. Advanced users can be granted access to edit the site CSS and other developer settings for maximum back-end control.

SEO Tools

We've taken the voodoo out of search engine optimization. Our CMS allows you to self-manage title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and 301 redirects on a page-by-page basis. Our built-in search engine preview automatically limits character display to comply with SEO best practices, allowing you to visualize exactly how your site will appear in rankings. Add no-follow tags to protect internal or hidden pages from being indexed, and use our site search tag feature to prioritize page content for internal searches.