Intranet, Portals and Two-Way Communication

A powerful portal and intranet management system that combines the scalability of SoSimple CMS with the functionality of SoSimple CRM+ to power file and resource sharing, data organization/filtering, and forums/discussion boards.

Intranets & Portals

Restrict access to protected website content not readily available on the front-end website. From employee intranets to subcontractor portals, login-protected access can be granted for groups defined within the CRM+ to subsites or specific pages of the website. This delivers a personalized experience, secure content and helpful resources to members. With a variety of built-in page types available in the CMS, you can easily manage and scale content to meet your communication objectives.

Forum / Discussion Boards

Foster two-way communication among staff at all levels of your organization, across departments, divisions and offices. Create forums and sub-forums by setting titles, adding content and uploading applicable photos to your post. Subscribe to and receive email notifications when people respond to the discussion. Preview posts before making them live. View the primary discussion board to view topics and associated titles, authors, dates, latest posts, and total number of replies and views. 'Like' and quote specific content featured in a discussion thread. Assign one or multiple moderators to the forum. Pin priority topics to ensure they won't be missed.


Member Communications

Combine site alerts, personalized email and text messaging capabilities, and forums/discussion boards to create a powerful, multi-pronged approach that will ensure you're communicating with your members and providing access to the important documents and resources they need.

Data Centralization

The days of jumping in and out of multiple databases, spreadsheets and programs are over. Manage your website in the same place that you manage your intranet and portals. Track contacts and leads in the same place that you track employee information and potential candidates for hire. Organize critical data to support operations and marketing, keeping it readily available and logically categorized so that everyone can access it.

Member Analytics

Access key analytics on a member-by-member basis that provide important insights to help you gauge your level of engagement and quality of connection with your audience. Detailed reports summarize the specific pages viewed within member-restricted portals. Message history provides historical data on the number of emails or text messages sent, opened and clicked by a particular recipient.