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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: Form Builder and Blog

October 20th, 2015 by Arik Brooks

Form Builder

Email Notifications

Recent improvements to the Form Builder page type enable users to override the default email notification that website administrators receive when a website visitor submits a form request. This new functionality can be added to any form allowing website administrators to add an alternate or additional email address depending responses for questions designated as checkbox select options, drop down select options or radio button select options.

For example, all form submissions might default to info@abcinc.com, but form submissions indicating an interest in a particular service/product might get routed to sales@abcinc.com as well. This update allows users to better control the flow of website inquiries and increase responsiveness by ensuring that the follow-up efforts are handled by the appropriate person or department. This also allows clients that have multiple offices to have one general contact form, but route the request to the correct office by simply including a question that asks the website visitor to choose their location.

Email Auto Responders

The ability to send an auto-generated email response to form submissions has also been enabled in the CMS, which allows the website to immediately send an email response to any user who submits a form request. This functionality can be used as an email confirmation message, or to send relevant content or sales information to the prospect.



In addition to entering Window Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and a No Follow tag (if needed) to the primary Blog page, we’ve allowed for this to occur on a post-by-post basis. This has been an important step for clients using their blog as part of the overall SEO strategy.


Other General Improvements

If you work in the CMS on a regular basis, you  may have noticed some of these subtle changes intended to simplify the user experience:

  • Pop-up windows to announce that a task has been successfully completed (or unsuccessfully attempted)
  • Decreased page load times by approximately 50%
  • Improved primary navigation to make it very clear which section of the CMS you're working in
  • Permissions-based access to display only the information a particular user is granted access to within site builder
  • Updated dashboard analytics layout with “MOST POPULAR PAGES” capped at 15 listings

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