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Introducing: SoSimple Community Manager

March 28th, 2016 by Arik Brooks

A Completely Customizable Database Management Platform that Integrates Robust Bulk Email, Texting and Reporting Capabilities with a Best-In-Class Content Management System.



SoSimple Community Manager is an enterprise-level member management platform that integrates robust communications capabilities with our best-in-class content management system. Users can maintain profile information, create permissions-based groups, and send bulk communications in the form of personalized emails, text messages, printed letters, and labels. Our self-managed platform can be customized to meet the requirements of organizations of any size in every industry. This means that you can modify the system as the needs of your organization change.

An Ideal Solution for:

  • Subcontractor & Vendor Databases
  • Company Intranets
  • ember and Association Websites
  • Marketing, Sales and Community Portals
  • Bid Management Systems
  • Simple CRM Systems

Add Members & Permissions

You can easily add members to your database one by one, or import a larger list via a simple .csv file upload, with the option to download a template that is pre-populated with fields that correspond exactly to your member database. Additionally, individuals may apply for membership by completing an online sign-up form. While members are being added, you can assign them to permission groups to organize your database providing the ability to control access to information and streamline communications.

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Completely Customize

Custom build your database with our easy-to-use form builder function. You can add sections, reorder content, and create the types of data fields that you require. This allows you to manage exactly what your organization needs to track, and also provides the ability to customize your dashboard view and filter results.

Member Sites & Portals

Create special sections of your website to feature member-specific content. With the variety of built-in page types available in SoSimple CMS, you can easily create and manage event calendars, job boards, photo and video galleries, blogs, FAQs, fillable forms, and more. These sections can be password-protected and restricted to designated members or entire permission groups.

Bulk Communications

Easily design and send bulk emails and text messages to individual members or entire permission groups. Or, go offline and print personalized letters or Avery labels. Both emails and form letters can be created by choosing an existing template or by designing a new message on the fly. Sending group texts is just as easy! Any communication can be sent as a standalone message or as part of a larger on-going campaign.

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Reporting & Analytics

Data and campaign intelligence are key. Our built-in reporting capabilities show you what your email or text message looked like, who it was sent to, who opened it, and with emails, which links were clicked on. Reports are available on individual communications, on a per-member basis, or as part of a larger on-going campaign. Our system offers the insight you need and the peace of mind that your messages are received.

Large File Sharing

We include an optional large file sharing and storage system. This easy-to-use tool will allow you to upload, organize, share, and restrict access to large files with individual members or entire permission groups. Additionally, our communication platform makes it easy to notify members of new files by using our email or text notifications. 


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