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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: Community Manager Email Template Editor

October 24th, 2016 by Kristen Yeager

This product announcement covers an upgrade to all accounts within SoSimple CMS that have Community Manager. This upgrade features a new email template editor, in addition to the ability to preview emails within the CMS.

This update allows you to see real-time changes to your email templates by utilizing a side-by-side editor and email preview. The Preview (on the left) will update in real time as you edit the content of your email in the WYSIWYG editor (on the right).

The email template editor features a new, minimalistic toolbar. Users can now access all text and display options, in addition to various merge tags, all in one place. The simplified editor takes out the unnecessary features that will not show up in an email.

The new email preview feature allows users to view what their email will look like both on desktop and mobile. This allows users to ensure their content is displayed in an optimal viewing manner across all viewing platforms.

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