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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: New Form Builder Functionality

April 3rd, 2017

Recent upgrades to SoSimple CMS’ Form Builder page type now allow merge tags in auto-responder emails, and payment options.

Merge Tags within Form Builder Auto Responders

While users have always had the ability to turn on auto-responder emails in the form builder page type, users now have the ability to add personalized merge tags into these emails based on the different field types within the form. (For a quick tutorial on how to set up auto-responder emails, click here.)

For example, if you have “First Name” and “Last Name” fields in your form, you can address each recipient by name using “First Name” and “Last Name” merge tags. This tool now allows you to tailor your responses to each individual that submits a form.


Online Payment Options

In addition, users now have the option of adding payment options to their forms using PayPal and Stripe.


These payments can be set amounts for application fees, sign-up fees, etc., or left open-ended the form submitter to decide.


Payments made using the Stripe option can also be set to one-time only, or recurring monthly payments, which is perfect for monthly subscription fees, membership fees, and more.

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