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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: New Email Editor

February 14th, 2018 by Kristen Yeager

Recent updates to SoSimple’s email editor now allow Community Manager accounts to have complete control over every aspect of their email designs. Existing email templates will still be accessible, along with multiple layout templates to help users get started.

Whether an email is created from scratch, or from a pre-existing template, the possibilities are endless! Users have complete control over all aspects with the ability to add or remove sections, edit content of existing sections, add background colors, borders, change default text colors, and so much more.

SoSimple’s new email editor now has an email-friendly embedded button functionality, making it easy to add visual button links to any email – no pre-created images required. Simply click the “Email-Friendly Button Generator” icon in the toolbar (  ), which allows users to customize every button detail, including button text, size, color, and more!

Interested in this feature, but aren’t a member of Community Manager? Contact Us for more details!

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