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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: Activate/Deactivate Page Elements with Just One Click!

October 26th, 2016 by Kristen Yeager

Recent updates to SoSimple CMS now allow users to make page elements within a variety of page types active/inactive with one simple click. Users no longer have to edit an element and switch the “Active” setting to “Yes” or “No” to activate/deactivate an element. Now, users can simply click the check box next to the element to toggle between active and non-active.

The CMS will still confirm that you have made a change by showing a “Success!” dialogue window each time the status is changed. This allows users not only to confirm that their change has been made, but also acts as a warning sign for users who may have checked the box accidentally.

This new update affects the following page types:

  • Events
  • News
  • Flipbook
  • Social Stream
  • Testimonials
  • Form Builder
  • Interactive Map
  • Map Locations
  • Audio Playlist
  • Blog
  • FAQs
  • Resources
  • Galleries
  • Link Image Grid
  • Portfolio Builder


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me:

Kristen Yeager
Engagement Manager
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