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SoSimple CMS Upgrade: New Linking Feature

November 15th, 2016 by Kristen Yeager

Recent updates to SoSimple CMS now allow users to conveniently link content to any page within their site by utilizing a “Site Pages” button on the server.

To use this feature, first highlight the content you want to link. Then, click the “link” icon in the toolbar.

In the Link dialogue box, click the “Browse Server” button.

Clicking the "Browse Server" button will bring up the Server dialogue box (pictured below). In the top left corner, click the “Site Pages” button.

Once you have clicked the “Site Pages” button, you will see a link to every page of your website on the right side of the dialogue box. Simply click on whichever page you wish to link to from the list.

Once you have chosen your linking page, the CMS will automatically populate the URL section of the “Link” dialogue box with the URL of the page you have chosen. After you have completed these steps, click the green “OK” button to save your changes.


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