CRM & Member Database

Customize Your Database

Custom build your database with our easy-to-use form builder function. Add sections, reorder content, and create the types of data fields that are necessary. This allows you to manage exactly what your organization needs to track, while also allowing you to customize your dashboard view and filter results.

Create Filters

Don’t crowd your database with unnecessary information. Create filter groups based on any field within your database. Customizable filters allow you to organize and filter your dashboard by the fields that matter most to you. Instantly change these filters as your business grows or needs change, making your CRM relevant today and well into the future.

Easily Add / Import Members

Administrators can manually add members to the database one by one, or import a larger list via a simple .csv file upload, with the option to download a template pre-populated with fields that correspond exactly to your member database. This ensures that during an import your content aligns perfectly. Individuals may apply for membership by completing an online sign-up form. Once the request is submitted, administrators will receive an email notification to review the application, approve the request, and assign any applicable permissions.

Permission Groups

With permission groups, you can organize and assign members to one or more defined categories, allowing you to control access to information and streamline communications. Create as many unique groups as you need, allowing you to easily filter your database to generate a shortlist of members that meet certain criteria. This will help you send targeted emails, text messages, and personalized mailings to individual members or the entire groups. Or, you can create password protected sections of your website and limit access by one or more permission groups, perfect for intranets and portals.