Email Marketing & Text Messaging


Create custom campaigns and keep track of sent and opened emails, as well as details and statistics, including click count, and other messages associated with your campaign through our built-in reporting and analytics, allowing you to create a multi-touch campaign for on-going marketing initiatives.

Email Templates

Select from a listing of pre-formatted email templates to make composing your message easier. Unlike other systems, our templates can be used as is, or be easily modified to work with your unique content. Once stylized to your liking, email templates can be saved and reused for one or more email campaigns. By managing your email marketing within our platform, you can easily reuse content that is used within your website. This ensures consistency and makes your job easier.

Email Composer

Creating email campaigns has never been easier. Our side-by-side editor updates in real-time, allowing you to preview what your email will look like on desktop and mobile screens as you enter the content. This can be used to modify one of our existing templates, or to create a new email on the fly.

Scheduled Emails

Our scheduled email function allows you to create an email template, or entire campaign, and then select the audience and the dates that each message will be sent. This process is automatic, allowing you to streamline your process and save A GREAT DEAL OF TIME.

Automated Emails

Want to dynamically send email messages to individual members or groups within your database? Our automated email function allows you to select any calendar/date field within your database that will be used to trigger an automatic email. By setting this function, our platform will automatically send out emails for birthdays, anniversaries, or required renewal dates (such as W9 or insurance certificate requests) without having to lift a finger.

Subscription Groups

Give your subscribers the freedom they deserve. Subscription groups give those members who would like to unsubscribe from future messages the opportunity to choose which messages they no longer want to receive, rather than automatically unsubscribing from all communications.

Text Messaging

Sending group texts is easy! Define recipients, create your text message (SMS), and hit send. To comply with privacy laws, the system will only send texts to members who have approved this method of communication, intelligently prohibiting contact with any member that has opted out.