Personalized Letters & Labels

Select Members

Send letters and print labels for all of your members, or select members based on filters and member groups.

Create Letters and Templates

Send customized letters to any number of your members. Letter templates can be created by choosing an existing template or by designing a new message. Use dynamic merge tags to personalize each letter using any field within your database.

Personalize Data

Personalize your communications. By adding dynamic merge tags, you can address members by name without having to send individual messages or print individual labels. Include any field within your database to personalize by content that is specific to any member’s account.


As with emails, you can create pre-designed templates by creating a custom header and footer for your letter, or you can use your own letterhead to print on. Our platform also allows you to easily generate Avery labels and send them directly to your printer.

Avery Labels

Generate Avery labels for any number of members. Add up to 4 lines of customizable label information utilizing any fields included within your database.