Portals & Intranets


Create employee-specific content for any department of your organization. Our platform allows you to grant or restrict access to any page, and assign permissions to any users within your database. Plus, easily build out and manage pages using our CMS.


Create special sections of your website to feature member-specific content. With the variety of built-in page types available in SoSimple CMS, you can easily set up events calendars, job boards, photo and video galleries, blogs, FAQs, fillable forms, and more. This information can be publicly accessible or password-protected and restricted to designated members or permission groups.

Member Directories

Easily manage your members. Member directories allow all users within your organization to access important information about any employee or department member. This data is dynamically pulled from your database so that managing this data is easy. Our platform also allows you to select which fields other employees can see, while front-end users can utilize custom filters that you set to search the directory by what’s relevant to them.

Grant and Restrict Access

Our platform puts the control in your hands. Permission groups allow you to organize and assign members to one or more defined categories to control access to information, and streamline communications. You can create as many unique groups as you need to share or restrict access for your members.

Built-In Communications

With the SoSimple Platform, communication is easy. Send emails, text messages, and letters, or print labels all from the same platform. Communications can be sent individually, or based on filter or permissions groups, or sent in bulk to all of your members.