Registration/Scheduling System

Modern Design / Mobile Optimized

Clean and simple, exactly the way web design should be. A mobile optimized scheduler means functionality on-the-go, no matter what platform you’re viewing on.

Manage Schedule

Manage your schedule on your own terms. Set available and unavailable days, blackout dates, and time intervals. You get to choose the length of your available time slots, as well as how far in advance meetings can be scheduled, giving you complete control over your calendar.

Online Payments

Say goodbye to non-secure, over-the-phone transactions. Scheduler allows you to integrate secure online payments directly into your scheduling form. Easily set up advance payments for any registration!

Create Ongoing, Periodic and On-time events

Scheduler takes the pain out of planning. Whether you need to allow users to schedule time slots on a regular basis, have a few periodic events, or need to provide just one event date, our platform serves up the optimal display for any scenario. Creating new scheduler pages is easy, and each new page can include a different display.

Single Person or Group Event Scheduling

Set up one-on-one meetings, or allow multiple invitees to share the same time slot for larger group meetings. Scheduler allows you to limit how many people can schedule a meeting for the same time, as well as disabling an event once the maximum limit has been reached, allowing for better coordination for group meetings or registrations.

Add as Many Calendars as Needed

At SoSimple, we realize the importance of organization. That’s why Scheduler allows you to create multiple separate calendars based on your personal needs. We also allow you to add as many calendars as needed on one page, which is perfect for conferences or team scheduling.

Calendar Integration

Never miss a meeting! Scheduled events will be automatically added to your calendar. In addition, email notifications include a functions that allows you, or the person who schedules the time slot, to add the meeting to your calendar of choice.


Personalized event notifications and calendar invites, including all details of the event, are automatically sent to both you and the attendees, allowing them to add events to their calendar via an auto generated email upon registering. Admin View Scheduled events are saved to your database, and can be viewed at any time within our platform. From this admin view, these events can be managed or cancelled. Plus, the database from each calendar can be exported as a CSV file directly to your desktop.

Manage Cancellations

Easily cancel event submissions with the click of a button. An email will automatically be sent to the individual or group that submitted the request, keeping everyone in the loop. Our system allows you to manage messages and dynamically personalize data using merge tags within the system, keeping your communications both informative and personal.