Reporting & Analytics

Email and Campaign Reporting

Our built-in reporting capabilities show you what your email or text message looked like, who it was sent to, who opened it, and with emails, which links were clicked on. Reports are available on individual communications, on a per-member basis, or as part of a larger ongoing campaign. Our system offers the insight you need and the peace of mind that your messages are received.

Page History Tracking & Reports

Keep tabs on your database. View the entire history of any member of your database, including all web pages viewed, communications sent, communications opened, and click counts as well as tasks you have set for any member.

Google Analytics

Our integrated Google Analytics feed allows you to gain valuable insight on the top content of your website. This feed allows you to see the total and unique page views, average visit length, bounce rate and more, all in one place. Plus, a direct link to your full analytics account allows you to easily dive deeper into all of the data that Google Analytics tracks.