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SEO 101: Ten Minutes to Stronger Page Rankings

June 3rd, 2015

Let's debunk the mystery behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! For starters - anyone promising you that they can wave a magic wand and get you top-ranked in Google searches is probably lying to you. Don't get me wrong, SEO is important and there are some consultants that do it very, very well. But in my experience, it's an industry that's chock-full of so-called experts on the prowl that will take your money and run - promising you the world and failing to deliver. The fact of the matter is, there are some things you can do right within SoSimple CMS that can drastically increase the probability of your site getting found. We're here to provide you with some background information and simple how-to's to help you effectively write title tags on a page-by-page basis for your website.

There are tons of agencies and consultants out there, likley kicking your door down trying to sell you any number of SEO-related services - from site review and URL restructuring to keyword research and code optimization. All too often, we have seen our clients go down this path, not fluent in this foreign language, only to get taken advantage of. That makes us sad.

We'd like to teach you a thing or two about basic SEO, and point out a few quick, easy and free tasks that you can do all by yourself within the comfort of SoSimple CMS - no pricey consultants or technical coding knowlege required!

Login to SoSimple CMS. From the dashboard, click on Site Builder. Select your Home Page and go to the Settings tab to view Page Details.

URL Structure

Determine the URL structure for the page by entering a descriptive word or phrase in the field marked Title. This immediately declares the page's respective place within the overall hierarchy of the website. For example, "Construction & Engineering Websites" was entered into the Title field of this particular page: /showcase/construction-engineering-websites. As one of several sub-pages of "Showcase", SoSimple CMS will auto-populate the URL accordingly. Refrain from using internal ID's or classification systems in the Title field. While they may mean the world to you, they run the risk of deterring visitors by not providing a clear indication of the content they can expect to view upon clicking.

Title Tags

Create a search-friendly SEO title tag in the field marked Window Title. This is what shows up in the top browser/tab window bar. Next to your actual page content, title tags are arguably the most important SEO consideration. They are displayed on results pages with the intent of giving the searcher a preview of what he or she will discover when clicking on the link to that given page. Think about the words that someone would likely type into a search engine to find your business (or a business like yours), and use them to craft a descriptive phrase that is approximately 50-60 characters in length.

Use this helpful title emulator tool to test out your defined title tags and get an idea of what they'll look like when they show up in search results.

Here's an illustrative example from ford.com.


H1 Tags

Use descriptive H1 tags in the field marked Page Heading. This emphasized text that shows up as the content heading, so it should set the table for what visitors are about to read. Like the URL Structure and Title Tags, your H1 tags should also contain the words or phrases that you expect people to be entering into the search engines in hopes of finding your business.

Meta Description

Use the Meta Description to input a brief sentence (approximately 150 characters) that will show up in search results, offering a preview of what's in store on the referenced page.

Here's a Real-Life Example:

When the moon and stars align perfectly, good things happen. If you shoot for the same thing with your URL Structure, Title Tag, H1 Tag, and Meta Description and page content - you might just be onto something. Here's a great example from one of our clients, Connecticut Hypodermics

See the actual page here. Go ahead and Google "Corrosion Resistant Hypodermic Needle Materials" to experience the total page rank domination!

Got it?

Good! Now, repeat this process for every page within your site. If you're interested in learning more, or have questions specific to your website or industry, please contact us for help.



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