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Dooley Mack Constructors Launch Redesigned Website

October 18th, 2017 by Kristen Yeager

Dooley Mack Constructors, a Southeastern, US-based construction company, has launched their newly redesigned website with the help of SoSimple Interactive.

The new website features SoSimple’s Location Finder page type, displaying a robust coverage map containing over 2,000 individual map points, representing various projects completed by the company across the nation. Due to the large amount of information for this page, SoSimple drastically improved the ease-of-use for this page type by adding “Import Locations” and “Export Locations” options. This allows users to easily export a CSV document template containing the necessary fields for a seamless upload. Users can then add in their own location point information into the CSV template, and upon upload all points will be added to the map.

Dooley Mack’s new site also features a robust Subcontractor & Vendor Qualification Form, utilizing SoSimple’s Form Builder page type. This form uses many of the recently added form builder functionalities, including conditional question logic. Since this form is very long and broken down into multiple sections, the client makes use of the ability to split the form into multiple “steps”, or pages, according to the various sections. This helps make the form more manageable, rather than having one long scrolling form it onto one page. This form also allows the ability to save user’s answers for up to 7 days using cookies. This allows form users to fill out part of the form, and then go back days later and be able to pick up where they left off, rather than having to start over from the beginning.

The homepage features a dynamic list of Dooley Mack client images with a “Built to Date” counter over the top. The hompage, as well as the News & Media page, contain embedded Twitter feeds of the company’s 2 Twitter accounts.

The new website includes responsive, mobile-optimized design allowing the site to automatically reformat to ensure that content is always displayed in an optimal manner across all viewing platforms - desktop, tablet or mobile.

Dooley Mack will soon be completing a 3-way login function for Employees, Clients, and Subcontractors using SoSimple’s Community Manager.


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