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Construction Resources, Inc. (CORE) Launches Redesigned Website

June 6th, 2016 by Kristen Yeager

Construction Resources, Inc. (CORE) has launched their newly redesigned website with the help of SoSimple Interactive.

CORE’s newly redesigned website features a photo-centric landing page, showing off professional photography and renderings of the company’s current and completed projects. The homepage also features a condensed menu bar which, upon being clicked, expands into a full top navigation for the website.

The website’s “People” page features a link image grid page type. When a member of the staff is clicked on, it links to an individualized form builder page allowing the user to contact each member directly.

The redesigned website’s “Contact” page also features a form builder page type that allows users to send a message to a variety of places by utilizing a drop down menu. The recipient options include the same individuals listed on the “People” page, as well as a “Quotes/General Inquiries” option. The “Contact” page also features driving directions to the company’s headquarters location in Farmington, Connecticut.

The “Projects” page features a unique link image grid displaying a “Current Project” section at the top of the page with links to photo galleries of projects currently being worked on. The bottom half of the page features a “Recently Completed Projects” page with individual image links to photo gallery pages of projects already completed by the company.

CORE’s new website also features a “Subcontractors” page which features embedded content resources on a “Projects Bidding” sub-page, where interested Subcontractors can bid to work on an available project. The “Subcontractors” page also features an “Active” sub-page, which features a list of active projects, with links to password-protected pages about each project.

The new website includes responsive, mobile-optimized design allowing the site to automatically reformat to ensure that content is always displayed in an optimal manner across all viewing platforms - desktop, tablet or mobile.

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